Twenty/20 Project: Conclusion

Day 20: Conclusion. This experience has been…illuminating. I learned so much more than the “twenty” techniques and ingredients as presented in this book. It’s been quite transformative, and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. It helped… Read More ›

Twenty/20 Project: Chill

Day 19: Chill Special Note: This is the final section of the book. I know, it flew right by didn’t it? For those that might be wondering, it’s Day 19 because I covered two sections in the beginning (Water and… Read More ›

Twenty/20 Project: Fry

Day 18: Fry My Impression: Well after last night’s dinner party, I was only too happy to continue on my way with a simple dinner for two. I don’t normally fry much for dinner, even less so when discussing dishes… Read More ›

Twenty/20 Project: Grill

Day 17: Grill Special Note for this Section: This entry in particular will get special attention as I hosted a dinner party for this recipe. I will follow my previously laid-out template for this entry, telling you my impression of… Read More ›

Twenty/20 Project: Poach

Day 16: Poach My Impression: Poaching is a technique that I have always associated with eggs…and little else. Sure, I’m well aware that you can use poaching as a cooking method for a variety of things, but not unlike my… Read More ›

Twenty/20 Project: Braise

Day 15: Braise My Impression: This was an interesting section for me in more ways than one. First and foremost, Ruhlman does a nice job here covering exactly what it means to braise something – whether it’s vegetables or a… Read More ›


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