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Shenanigans: Vegas Interlude

You’ll notice that I’m posting this after 4am. There’s a reason for that.

My husband and I decided to go to Vegas for our longer vacation this year. We go every few years and it had been a little while since we were here last. Years ago we were stupid enough to buy a timeshare, so we figured it was time to use it again.

But this is not about Vegas in general. This is about us having brunch this (well, yesterday) morning. And by morning, I mean around 11am. Let’s just say that our normal sleeping schedule is mighty off right now.

For those that don’t know, The Wicked Spoon is the buffet located in the Cosmopolitan hotel. It’s part of one of the huge additions to the ever-changing Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan itself is a rather fancy-shmancy place, complete with more than its share of celebrity chef restaurants and a luxury brand mall. It’s quite beautiful to walk around in. Jason had done a bit of research on where to go to have meals in advance of our trip, and The Wicked Spoon was near the top of the list.

Last night we got back to the place we’re staying on the earlier side, but we had spent the previous two nights up very late, walking around nearby casinos and hotels. Plus, Jason had come down with a rather massive headache (which is unusual for him), so we made it an early night. After a good night’s sleep, he felt much better, so we slowly got ourselves together and went out the door around 10:45am.

Do you see that white floor there? Excellent way to conceal a diamond ring.

When we arrived at the Wicked Spoon around 11am, there was a moderate line. We were grateful to have arrived when we did because it filled up behind us pretty quickly. Now, I don’t know if you can see in this picture that I found of the entry area of The Wicked Spoon, but the floor near the register area is made of a kind of white granite. It’s rather beautiful, all white with sparkling specks throughout it. It kind of looks like little diamonds all in the floor.

We had been in line for a bit, and I noticed that my hands were feeling really dry. I don’t fare very well in the desert, and my hands are always the first to feel super dry. A few minutes went by of me fidgeting with my hands, and I finally decided to get the lotion. But because I was wearing my wedding band on my left hand and a three stone diamond ring on my right hand, I decided to move the three stone ring to my left hand so I could put lotion on without mucking up the ring. I do this a lot when I use lotion, I just alternate the rings on my hands so I don’t get lotion all over the stones. It works pretty well.


There I was, switching the smaller ring to my other hand…and it flew right off my right hand. To make matters worse, the ring is set in white gold. I realized that I had a diamond ring lost on the floor in the middle of the register area…a floor that suddenly seemed designed exclusively to conceal it.

I panicked. Actually…that’s being kind. I freaked. The hell. Out.

Jason noticed right away that something was wrong, and he asked what it was. All I could do was blurt out: “MY RING! MY RING IS ON THE  FLOOR SOMEWHERE!!!“. I was loud enough to immediately alarm about twenty or so people in line around us. Immediately I jumped out of line, desperately looking for my ring.

Side note: I always – always – get irritated at Jason for playing with his wedding ring. And here I was, absent-mindedly moving one of my rings from one hand to the other and it got lost in the middle of a freaking buffet line.

After what felt like a freaking eternity, a very nice woman found my ring on the floor. I thanked her about a bazillion times. Whatever sluggishness I had felt from standing in line for about fifteen minutes, it was replaced with a huge shot of adrenaline.

We were seated inside a few minutes later…right in front of the dessert area. Gelato cures all, people. Also? If you’re ever in Vegas, The Wicked Spoon is well…awesome. Don’t lose a diamond ring on the floor though.

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