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Shenanigans: What I took out of my fridge to avoid embarrassment

I recently wrote an article for a series on Food Riot titled “What’s in Your Fridge“. It’s a popular series where us “Rioters” take pictures and detail what is in our refrigerators at that moment. It was in writing that article that I discovered just how intimate it can be to let total strangers take a look at my fridge. Food can be a personal thing, and in exposing my fridge I felt…vulnerable.

But of course, there’s more to this story.

Just as when someone has a professional in their homes (whether it’s a cleaning service, repair people, etc.), there is often a mad dash to clean the house so that it’s presentable to “outsiders”. The fridge article was no different. I found myself worrying about how the door of the fridge is so overcrowded with jars of random olives, too many salad dressings, and a myriad of pickled veggies and other condiments. We had just returned from Las Vegas, so the shelves in particular were unusually sparse. That was something that I could live with because less clutter makes things look less messy.

And just like when you have people in your home, you make an effort to hide your dirty laundry (both literal and figurative), I found that I did have one item in particular sitting on a shelf in my fridge that I would have to…um…hide.

What was so embarrassing for me? It’s a good question, as I openly admitted to having a bag of cooked bacon in there (that I then blamed on Jason). As embarrassing as I find that bag of cooked bacon to be…there was something far worse.

So convenient…yet so evil. Apparently.

Jarred minced garlic.

I have found in my various travels that most people who consider themselves “foodies” will tell you that jarred minced garlic is a sin against God and all things good in the world. I suppose I can see that, but there is a practical side to something like this. I don’t always have fresh garlic in the house. Shocking, I know. I’ve learned to keep garlic fresh on hand as much as possible, but sometimes…well…it just doesn’t happen. My husband and I love garlic so much that I couldn’t bear to not have *any* at my disposal. Garlic powder just doesn’t have the punch that I so often want when I’m using garlic.

So there I was, having been away from home for two weeks, writing the article for Food Riot, and there on a rather clear space on that refrigerator shelf…my lone jar of minced garlic.

Rather than admit to this on that site, I removed it from the fridge before I took the pictures for the article. I didn’t even acknowledge that I owned a jar of minced garlic. If I had been asked about it, I would have lied. I just didn’t want the ridicule. I mean, a single person scoffed at my dislike of onion already on the Food Riot Facebook page and it still kind of stings. I was not about to put such enticing bait on a food-centric website…”and I have this jar of minced garlic“. Not to mention the fact that I felt like I’d disappoint any chefs that might be bored enough to read my site (*cough* Michael Ruhlman *cough*).

Of course, I’m blowing the whole thing way out of proportion. I’m sure nobody would have said anything, let alone even noticed it in the description of what I had in there. I’m weak though. So out it went…migrating its way to this post instead.

I think maybe I’m a terrible foodie. It’s okay though. I’m taking solace in the fact that I allowed the pre-cooked bag of bacon stand. But I swear that totally is Jason’s fault.

13 thoughts on “Shenanigans: What I took out of my fridge to avoid embarrassment

    1. Honestly, if it works for you, then yes! I understand why foodie people have such an issue with it, but I suppose I’m just less of a purist about the whole thing. To each their own, right?:)

  1. Perhaps this makes me less of a goodie, but I understand. I will suggest, however, a tube of garlic paste instead. I found this about a year ago in the produce section, and it tastes much closer to fresh, with a better bite than the jarred stuff. They also have a tube of ginger which I find very convenient.

  2. I think foodie is a snobbish term anyway. But my parents just think it means someone who eats more than burgers on their vacations. Of course, I eat burgers on vacation, too.

  3. I KNEW there had to be something. Props for owning up to the truth. People who give you flak for onion or garlic or whatever need to chillax. It’s about enjoying food as part of a good life, not specific ingredients.

  4. If someone judges you for the contents of your refrigerator, they need to move along. Everyone has different things that they really like or use. As has already been stated, “It beats no garlic…”

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