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See Ya Later 2013


Here’s the funny thing about life – you can blink and the calendar will jump from August to December 31st.

So long time, no see (or write, really). I hope you all are doing well and that there are still people who check in here occasionally. Things around my house have been busy, and life took over. There has been no earth-shattering news, so I’ve been a little quiet.

I think in 2011 I called these year-end posts “obligatory”, and while I would point out that I clearly feel no strong obligations to crank out posts when I have nothing to say to the world, this post maybe proves my original assessment of New Year’s to be correct. Good to know. So let’s dive in shall we?

When I looked back at my blog for 2013, I can see that I totally peaked in January with my Twenty/20 Project. You know what? I’m actually okay with that. I had amazing support from the author, Michael Ruhlman, and it was one of the best experiences of this year. I hope to do another project like that one soon. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

As for me personally, I had a pretty great year. One of the highlights was facing my nearly crippling fear of heights and doing that zipline above Fremont Street in Las Vegas this past summer. As far as ziplines go, that one is pretty freaking short, and not even as high as the ones that carry you among treetops and such. Having said that, I still managed to do it without passing out (barely though). I call that a win.

This year I participated in three different run/walk events, including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini Marathon this past October. I have at least that many events that I have my eye on in 2014, so I hope to talk a bit more about that next year. Meanwhile, both of my sisters completed the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco that same month. It was pretty spectacular to be there for that event, cheering them on!

In “update-y” news: my friend Sarah’s book, Choose Your Weapon, continues to do well, and is now racking up the accolades. Now more than ever, do check out her book. You will thank me later. 

I hope to be around more in the New Year, and that you all will still pop in and say hello. Whether you have big plans to celebrate tonight, or if you will be spending a quiet evening at home; I’m wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe New Year. See you all in 2014.:)

3 thoughts on “See Ya Later 2013

  1. So happy to see or rather read you again. Getting to know you better this year has been a highlight for me. You continue to inspire me with your writing and amuse me with your escapades.

    I’ve been in a writing slump lately so I signed up to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ll be posting daily for the month of January. Perhaps you might consider guest blogging for me (finally)?

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